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Official name
South Australian National Football League

Known as


Affiliated competitions (Current)
Premiership Season 1877-2024; Under 14s 2024; Women's Reserves (Development League) 2022-2024; Women's Premiership Season 2017-2024; Under 16s 2009-2024; Under 18s 2009-2024; Reserves 1906-2024

Affiliated competitions (Historical)
Wartime League 1942-1944

Premiership season

Official Name
SANFL Premiership season


Affiliated clubs (Current)
Port Adelaide Magpies (SA) 1877-2019, 2021-2024; South Adelaide (SA) 1877-2024; Norwood (SA) 1878-2024; North Adelaide (SA) 1888-2024; West Adelaide (SA) 1897-2024; Sturt (SA) 1901-2024; Glenelg (SA) 1921-2024; Central District (SA) 1964-2024; Woodville West Torrens (SA) 1991-2024; Adelaide Reserves (SA) 2014-2019, 2021-2024

Affiliated clubs (Historical)
Bankers (SA) 1877; Kensington (SA) 1877-1881; South Park (SA) 1877-1884; Victorian (SA) 1877-1884; Adelaide (Original) (SA) 1877-1893; Woodville (Original) (SA) 1877; Royal Park (Original) (SA) 1882; Gawler (SA) 1887-1890; North Adelaide (Hotham) (SA) 1887-1888; West Torrens (SA) 1895-1990; Woodville (SA) 1964-1990

Affiliated grounds (Current)
Adelaide Oval; Alberton Oval; Centenary Oval; Elizabeth Oval; Glenelg Oval; Noarlunga Oval; Norwood Oval; Prospect Oval; Richmond Oval; TBC; Unley Oval; Victor Harbor Oval; Waikerie Oval; Woodville Oval

Affiliated grounds (Historical)
Adelaide Showground; Balaklava Oval; Bennett Oval; Berri; Bordertown Oval; Centennial Park; Christies Beach; Clare Oval; Encounter Bay; Flemington; Football Park; Gawler; Geraldton; Hands Oval; Hindmarsh Stadium; Johnstone Park; Jubilee Oval; Kadina Oval; Kensington Oval; Lameroo; Loxton Oval; Mannum Oval; Moonta; Mount Gambier; Mount Pleasant; Naracorte; Penola; Port Augusta; Port Pirie Memorial Oval; Richmond Paddock; S.C.G.; Strathalbyn Oval; TBA; Thebarton Oval

2024 SANFL Premiership season


The SANFL (South Australian National Football League) is the premier League and governing body for Australian Football in South Australia. Originally formed as the South Australian Football Association (SAFA) on 30 April 1877, the SANFL is the oldest surviving football league of any code in Australia and one of the oldest football competitions in the world. The 'home and away' season is played over 23 weeks from April to September. The top five teams then play off in a final series culminating in the grand final for the Thomas Seymour Hill Premiership Trophy.

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2024 Ladder

LP Club P W L D For Agn % Pts
1 Woodville West Torrens 3 3 0 0 354 172 67.30 6
2 Central District 3 3 0 0 283 175 61.79 6
3 Norwood 3 3 0 0 198 134 59.64 6
4 Glenelg 3 2 1 0 303 223 57.60 4
5 Sturt 3 1 2 0 212 180 54.08 2
6 West Adelaide 3 1 2 0 189 262 41.91 2
7 Adelaide Reserves 3 1 2 0 206 294 41.20 2
8 North Adelaide 3 1 2 0 175 288 37.80 2
9 Port Adelaide Magpies 3 0 3 0 220 316 41.04 0
10 South Adelaide 3 0 3 0 198 294 40.24 0
  H&A 15 15 15 0 2338 2338 50.00 30

2024 Round by Round

Round 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19

Round 1[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Norwood3.34.48.711.11 77 Thu 28-Mar-2024 7:40 pm Norwood Oval4,000
Sturt2. 50 Norwood won by 27 points[Report]
North Adelaide2. 66 Fri 29-Mar-2024 1:40 pm Prospect Oval3,293
Central District3.26.510.714.9 93 Central District won by 27 points[Report]
South Adelaide4.49.411.514.7 91 Fri 29-Mar-2024 2:10 pm Noarlunga Oval2,080
Adelaide Reserves1.54.89.1313.18 96 Adelaide Reserves won by 5 points[Report]
Woodville West Torrens5.49.813.1120.13 133 Fri 29-Mar-2024 2:30 pm Woodville Oval2,655
West Adelaide1.28.310.710.9 69 Woodville West Torrens won by 64 points[Report]
Glenelg4.311.517.823.12 150 Fri 29-Mar-2024 4:40 pm Glenelg Oval5,007
Port Adelaide Magpies4.46.410.513.6 84 Glenelg won by 66 points[Report]

Round 2[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Norwood3.44.88.910.11 71 Fri 12-Apr-2024 7:40 pm Norwood Oval 
Glenelg2. 47 Norwood won by 24 points[Report]
Woodville West Torrens6.410.616.821.12 138 Sat 13-Apr-2024 2:30 pm Woodville Oval1,899
North Adelaide2. 46 Woodville West Torrens won by 92 points[Report]
Central District2.17.311.515.7 97 Sat 13-Apr-2024 2:30 pm Elizabeth Oval1,855
Adelaide Reserves1. 42 Central District won by 55 points[Report]
West Adelaide2.24.58.612.11 83 Sun 14-Apr-2024 2:10 pm Waikerie Oval1,736
Port Adelaide Magpies2.45.88.1011.13 79 West Adelaide won by 4 points[Report]
South Adelaide0. 40 Sun 14-Apr-2024 2:10 pm Noarlunga Oval1,744
Sturt2.36.610.716.9 105 Sturt won by 65 points[Report]

Round 3[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
South Adelaide3.16.29.510.7 67 Sat 20-Apr-2024 1:10 pm Noarlunga Oval 
Central District5.28.411.514.9 93 Central District won by 26 points
North Adelaide2. 63 Sat 20-Apr-2024 2:10 pm Prospect Oval 
Sturt3. 57 North Adelaide won by 6 points
Glenelg5.39.615.816.10 106 Sat 20-Apr-2024 2:10 pm Glenelg Oval 
Adelaide Reserves0.23.34.310.8 68 Glenelg won by 38 points
Norwood2. 50 Sat 20-Apr-2024 2:10 pm Centenary Oval 
West Adelaide3. 37 Norwood won by 13 points
Woodville West Torrens2.35.79.912.11 83 Sun 21-Apr-2024 2:10 pm Woodville Oval 
Port Adelaide Magpies2. 57 Woodville West Torrens won by 26 points

Round 4[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Glenelg     Thu 25-Apr-2024 2:10 pm Glenelg Oval 
Sturt     Glenelg vs Sturt 
North Adelaide     Sat 27-Apr-2024 1:10 pm Prospect Oval 
Adelaide Reserves     North Adelaide vs Adelaide Reserves 
West Adelaide     Sat 27-Apr-2024 2:10 pm Richmond Oval 
South Adelaide     West Adelaide vs South Adelaide 
Central District     Sat 27-Apr-2024 2:10 pm Elizabeth Oval 
Woodville West Torrens     Central District vs Woodville West Torrens 
Port Adelaide Magpies     Sat 27-Apr-2024 7:10 pm Alberton Oval 
Norwood     Port Adelaide Magpies vs Norwood 

Round 5[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Adelaide Reserves     Thu 2-May-2024 3:20 pm Adelaide Oval 
Port Adelaide Magpies     Adelaide Reserves vs Port Adelaide Magpies 
North Adelaide     Sat 4-May-2024 2:10 pm Prospect Oval 
Norwood     North Adelaide vs Norwood 
West Adelaide     Sat 4-May-2024 2:10 pm Richmond Oval 
Central District     West Adelaide vs Central District 
South Adelaide     Sun 5-May-2024 2:10 pm Noarlunga Oval 
Glenelg     South Adelaide vs Glenelg 
Sturt     Sun 5-May-2024 2:10 pm Unley Oval 
Woodville West Torrens     Sturt vs Woodville West Torrens 

Round 6[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Norwood     Fri 10-May-2024 7:40 pm Norwood Oval 
Adelaide Reserves     Norwood vs Adelaide Reserves 
Central District     Sat 11-May-2024 2:10 pm Elizabeth Oval 
Sturt     Central District vs Sturt 
Port Adelaide Magpies     Sat 11-May-2024 2:10 pm Alberton Oval 
North Adelaide     Port Adelaide Magpies vs North Adelaide 
Woodville West Torrens     Sat 11-May-2024 2:10 pm Woodville Oval 
South Adelaide     Woodville West Torrens vs South Adelaide 
Glenelg     Sat 11-May-2024 2:10 pm Glenelg Oval 
West Adelaide     Glenelg vs West Adelaide 

Round 7[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
West Adelaide     Sat 25-May-2024 2:10 pm Richmond Oval 
North Adelaide     West Adelaide vs North Adelaide 
Central District     Sat 25-May-2024 2:10 pm Elizabeth Oval 
Norwood     Central District vs Norwood 
South Adelaide     Sat 25-May-2024 2:10 pm Noarlunga Oval 
Port Adelaide Magpies     South Adelaide vs Port Adelaide Magpies 
Sturt     Sat 25-May-2024 2:30 pm Unley Oval 
Adelaide Reserves     Sturt vs Adelaide Reserves 
Woodville West Torrens     Sun 26-May-2024 1:10 pm Woodville Oval 
Glenelg     Woodville West Torrens vs Glenelg 

Round 8[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
West Adelaide     Sat 1-Jun-2024 2:10 pm Richmond Oval 
Adelaide Reserves     West Adelaide vs Adelaide Reserves 
Glenelg     Sat 1-Jun-2024 2:30 pm Glenelg Oval 
Central District     Glenelg vs Central District 
North Adelaide     Sun 2-Jun-2024 2:10 pm Prospect Oval 
South Adelaide     North Adelaide vs South Adelaide 
Norwood     Sun 2-Jun-2024 2:30 pm Norwood Oval 
Woodville West Torrens     Norwood vs Woodville West Torrens 
Port Adelaide Magpies     Sat 31-Aug-2024 7:10 pm Alberton Oval 
Sturt     Port Adelaide Magpies vs Sturt 

Round 9[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
South Adelaide     Sat 8-Jun-2024 1:10 pm Noarlunga Oval 
Adelaide Reserves     South Adelaide vs Adelaide Reserves 
Woodville West Torrens     Sat 8-Jun-2024 2:10 pm Woodville Oval 
Central District     Woodville West Torrens vs Central District 
Glenelg     Mon 10-Jun-2024 2:10 pm Glenelg Oval 
North Adelaide     Glenelg vs North Adelaide 
Sturt     Mon 10-Jun-2024 2:30 pm Unley Oval 
Norwood     Sturt vs Norwood 
Port Adelaide Magpies  Bye
West Adelaide  Bye

Round 10[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Central District     Sat 15-Jun-2024 1:10 pm Elizabeth Oval 
South Adelaide     Central District vs South Adelaide 
Port Adelaide Magpies     Sat 15-Jun-2024 2:10 pm Alberton Oval 
West Adelaide     Port Adelaide Magpies vs West Adelaide 
Woodville West Torrens     Sat 15-Jun-2024 3:10 pm Adelaide Oval 
Adelaide Reserves     Woodville West Torrens vs Adelaide Reserves 
Glenelg  Bye
North Adelaide  Bye
Norwood  Bye
Sturt  Bye

Round 11[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Norwood     Sun 23-Jun-2024 2:10 pm Norwood Oval 
Port Adelaide Magpies     Norwood vs Port Adelaide Magpies 
Sturt     Sun 23-Jun-2024 2:10 pm Unley Oval 
North Adelaide     Sturt vs North Adelaide 
West Adelaide     Sun 23-Jun-2024 2:30 pm Richmond Oval 
Glenelg     West Adelaide vs Glenelg 
Central District  Bye
South Adelaide  Bye
Woodville West Torrens  Bye
Adelaide Reserves  Bye

Round 12[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Sturt     Sat 29-Jun-2024 2:00 pm Unley Oval 
West Adelaide     Sturt vs West Adelaide 
South Adelaide     Sat 29-Jun-2024 2:10 pm Noarlunga Oval 
Norwood     South Adelaide vs Norwood 
Port Adelaide Magpies     Sat 29-Jun-2024 2:10 pm Alberton Oval 
Central District     Port Adelaide Magpies vs Central District 
North Adelaide     Sat 29-Jun-2024 2:10 pm Prospect Oval 
Woodville West Torrens     North Adelaide vs Woodville West Torrens 
Glenelg     Sat 29-Jun-2024 2:10 pm Glenelg Oval 
Adelaide Reserves     Glenelg vs Adelaide Reserves 

Round 13[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Sturt     Sat 6-Jul-2024 2:10 pm Unley Oval 
South Adelaide     Sturt vs South Adelaide 
North Adelaide     Sat 6-Jul-2024 2:10 pm Prospect Oval 
Port Adelaide Magpies     North Adelaide vs Port Adelaide Magpies 
Glenelg     Sat 6-Jul-2024 2:10 pm Glenelg Oval 
Woodville West Torrens     Glenelg vs Woodville West Torrens 
West Adelaide     Sat 6-Jul-2024 2:10 pm Richmond Oval 
Norwood     West Adelaide vs Norwood 
Central District     Sat 6-Jul-2024 2:10 pm Elizabeth Oval 
Adelaide Reserves     Central District vs Adelaide Reserves 

Round 14[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
South Adelaide     Sat 13-Jul-2024 2:10 pm Victor Harbor Oval 
North Adelaide     South Adelaide vs North Adelaide 
Port Adelaide Magpies     Sat 13-Jul-2024 2:10 pm Alberton Oval 
Glenelg     Port Adelaide Magpies vs Glenelg 
Woodville West Torrens     Sat 13-Jul-2024 2:10 pm Woodville Oval 
Sturt     Woodville West Torrens vs Sturt 
Central District     Sat 13-Jul-2024 2:10 pm Elizabeth Oval 
West Adelaide     Central District vs West Adelaide 
Norwood     Sat 13-Jul-2024 2:10 pm Norwood Oval 
Adelaide Reserves     Norwood vs Adelaide Reserves 

Round 15[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Sturt     Sat 20-Jul-2024 2:10 pm Unley Oval 
Glenelg     Sturt vs Glenelg 
Norwood     Sat 20-Jul-2024 2:10 pm Norwood Oval 
Central District     Norwood vs Central District 
Port Adelaide Magpies     Sat 20-Jul-2024 2:10 pm Alberton Oval 
South Adelaide     Port Adelaide Magpies vs South Adelaide 
West Adelaide     Sat 20-Jul-2024 2:10 pm Richmond Oval 
Woodville West Torrens     West Adelaide vs Woodville West Torrens 
North Adelaide     Sat 20-Jul-2024 2:10 pm Prospect Oval 
Adelaide Reserves     North Adelaide vs Adelaide Reserves 

Round 16[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Glenelg     Sat 27-Jul-2024 2:10 pm Glenelg Oval 
Norwood     Glenelg vs Norwood 
Central District     Sat 27-Jul-2024 2:10 pm Elizabeth Oval 
North Adelaide     Central District vs North Adelaide 
Sturt     Sat 27-Jul-2024 2:10 pm Unley Oval 
Port Adelaide Magpies     Sturt vs Port Adelaide Magpies 
South Adelaide     Sat 27-Jul-2024 2:10 pm Noarlunga Oval 
West Adelaide     South Adelaide vs West Adelaide 
Woodville West Torrens     Sat 27-Jul-2024 2:10 pm Woodville Oval 
Adelaide Reserves     Woodville West Torrens vs Adelaide Reserves 

Round 17[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Norwood     Sat 10-Aug-2024 2:10 pm Norwood Oval 
South Adelaide     Norwood vs South Adelaide 
North Adelaide     Sat 10-Aug-2024 2:10 pm Prospect Oval 
Glenelg     North Adelaide vs Glenelg 
Sturt     Sat 10-Aug-2024 2:10 pm Unley Oval 
Central District     Sturt vs Central District 
Port Adelaide Magpies     Sat 10-Aug-2024 2:10 pm Alberton Oval 
Woodville West Torrens     Port Adelaide Magpies vs Woodville West Torrens 
West Adelaide     Sat 10-Aug-2024 2:10 pm TBC 
Adelaide Reserves     West Adelaide vs Adelaide Reserves 

Round 18[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Port Adelaide Magpies     Sat 17-Aug-2024 2:10 pm Adelaide Oval 
Adelaide Reserves     Port Adelaide Magpies vs Adelaide Reserves 
Norwood     Sat 17-Aug-2024 2:10 pm Norwood Oval 
North Adelaide     Norwood vs North Adelaide 
Central District     Sat 17-Aug-2024 2:10 pm Elizabeth Oval 
Glenelg     Central District vs Glenelg 
West Adelaide     Sat 17-Aug-2024 2:10 pm Richmond Oval 
Sturt     West Adelaide vs Sturt 
South Adelaide     Sat 17-Aug-2024 2:10 pm Noarlunga Oval 
Woodville West Torrens     South Adelaide vs Woodville West Torrens 

Round 19[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Glenelg     Sat 24-Aug-2024 2:10 pm Glenelg Oval 
South Adelaide     Glenelg vs South Adelaide 
Central District     Sat 24-Aug-2024 2:10 pm Elizabeth Oval 
Port Adelaide Magpies     Central District vs Port Adelaide Magpies 
Woodville West Torrens     Sat 24-Aug-2024 2:10 pm Woodville Oval 
Norwood     Woodville West Torrens vs Norwood 
North Adelaide     Sat 24-Aug-2024 2:10 pm Prospect Oval 
West Adelaide     North Adelaide vs West Adelaide 
Sturt     Sat 24-Aug-2024 2:10 pm Unley Oval 
Adelaide Reserves     Sturt vs Adelaide Reserves 


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.