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Official name
Melbourne University Blues Football Club

Known as
University Blues

Former name
University A

Former name date


Black and royal blue


Associated clubs
University; University Blacks; Fitzroy Reds

Affiliation (Current)
Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA) 1921–2024

Affiliation (Historical)
Victorian Junior Football Association (VJFA) 1919–1920

Home Ground
University Oval

Senior Premierships
VAFA Section A - 1952, 1969, 2004 (3 total); B Section/Premier B - 1967, 1981, 2014 (3 total)

Championships and Trophies
JN Woodrow Medal - J. R. Hayes 1956; Ian M. Hayden 1960; Phillip M. Moran 1968; Quinton Gleeson 2004; Jack Watts 2008; Ross Young 2015; Ayce Cordy (7 total); GT Moore Medal - Tim J. Harris 1994 (1 total)


University Blues

In 1921, University’s VFL team crossed to the MAFA, where it was originally known as University A before assuming its current name of University Blues in 1928; the B team meanwhile was re-christened University Blacks the same year. Despite this implied hierarchy, players were equitably distributed between the two sides during this period, and throughout the 1920s there was little to choose between them in terms of standard.

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2024 Season (VAFA Premier) Fixture


University Blues' 2024 Fixture

Rnd H&A Club Q1Q2Q3Q4 S R Opponent Q1Q2Q3Q4 S Mgn Grd Date SC
1 A University Blues        vs Old Brighton          BBO Apr 13 (Sat, 2:00)  


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.